Advancements and Innovations in Cancer Management: A Comprehensive Perspective


  • Mehrdad Farrokhi
  • Fatemeh Taheri
  • Masoud Farrokhi
  • Zohreh Heydari
  • Roya Darbani
  • Mandana Salbi
  • Sara Moghimi
  • Behzad Garousi
  • Pooya Faranoush
  • Mohammad Faranoush
  • Yasamin Khosravaninezhad
  • Sarina Azimian Zavareh
  • Fatemeh Pourali Saadabad
  • Negar Babapour
  • Zahra Ghasemi
  • Amirhossein Esfahani
  • Samaneh Fouladi
  • Rasool Hamidi Choolabi
  • Niki Mirfakhraei
  • Sima Noorali
  • Kosar Bagtashi Baktash
  • Mahrokh Janmohamadi
  • Shiva Karimian
  • Alireza Mohammad Bigloo
  • Nazila Ghorban Hosseini
  • Mahboobeh Majidnia
  • Haniyeh Ghasrsaz
  • Yasamin Moradi
  • Ali Shahini
  • Behnaz Dalvandi
  • Zeynab Abdollahi
  • Haniyeh Taheri
  • Donya Pourkand
  • Elham Khakshour
  • Lida Zare Lahijan
  • Habib Azimi
  • Mohammad Shahir Eftekhar
  • S Sara Ketabi
  • Elham Davoudi
  • Zahra Mohammadi
  • Ali Bahari Golamkaboudi
  • Mohammad-Soroush Khorsand
  • Babak Goodarzy
  • Mohammad Amin Hashemnejad
  • Nikoo Emtiazi
  • Seyed Mohammad Shahab Mirabedini
  • Ehsan Mirsharifi
  • Hournaz Hassanzadeh
  • Pedram Emami Shahrezaei
  • Mohammad Hosseini Hooshiar
  • Alireza Daneshvar
  • Abtin Akhtari


Advancements , Innovations , Cancer , Management


Advancements and innovations in cancer management have revolutionized the way we understand, diagnose, and treat this complex disease. From early detection methods to cutting-edge therapies, the landscape of cancer management is continually evolving to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. One of the most significant advancements is the emergence of precision medicine, which tailors treatment plans to individual patients based on their genetic makeup, tumor characteristics, and other factors. This personalized approach allows for targeted therapies that are more effective and less toxic than traditional treatments. Additionally, advances in imaging technology, such as MRI, PET-CT, and molecular imaging, enable early detection of tumors and accurate staging of the disease. This early intervention can lead to better treatment outcomes and higher survival rates. Immunotherapy has also emerged as a promising treatment modality, harnessing the power of the immune system to target and destroy cancer cells. From checkpoint inhibitors to CAR-T cell therapy, immunotherapy offers new hope for patients with previously untreatable cancers. Furthermore, advancements in supportive care, including pain management, palliative care, and survivorship programs, are enhancing the overall quality of life for cancer patients. As research continues to progress, the future of cancer management holds even more promise for improved outcomes and better patient care.


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